Technology Business Matchmaking

It’s hard to keep up with the proliferation of new technology.

We help you discover the technical breakthroughs that  will keep your business ahead of the competition.

Innovate quickly, efficiently and successfully.

We hunt across the world to track down technology that will keep our clients ahead of the game through:

  • Product innovation
  • Slicker operations

Then we help them bring it into use efficiently and successfully.

Our vision is to see new technology put to good use and the people who create it getting a fair deal.

Our mission is to bring responsible users and providers of new technology together so that both prosper


We work with three core groups of people, which one are you?

A user of new technology – business of any size not afraid to work with young unproven businesses looking for new technology options for either product innovation or operational improvements to get ahead of their competitors.

A provider of new technology – a technology company of any size who has something genuinely new to offer the market.  Most new technology companies we speak to are at start up stage.

A friend of new technology – any one who provides a service to help new technology providers succeed such as: accelerators, investors, academic institutions and incubators.